India's first Ad-Fraud and Brand Safety certification programme.

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What is mSkillit?

mSkillIt is India’s first Ad-Fraud and Brand Safety certification programme. The programme is launched in collaboration with Telecom Skill Council of India (TSSC) to offer certificate programme to various professionals as well as students to prepare them for the rising demands of the industry for such professionals.

Why mSkillit?

With the kind of growth in digital marketing including ad-tech coupled with consistent need to keep up with the dynamic nature of digital ad-fraud, there is a dire need in the industry to have certified professionals who can not only add value to the organisations they work for, but also better their career progression.

mSkillIt has been designed in a multi-tier structure that will empower professionals across the hierarchy with the requisite skills and knowledge.

What is CAP-1?

CAP 1 is the beginner’s level course on ad-fraud and brand safety where you will learn about digital marketing, performance marketing, brand safety, ad-fraud and how to identify ad-fraud in your campaigns. It is a comprehensive online course. After the course, the student will be required to give an exam and once he clears the paper, he will receive a certificate from the government of India.

How do I get enrolled in the programme?

To get enrolled, one must go to the website and scroll down the page to find the registration form. Once you fill the form, you will be redirected to the thank you page.

How do I pay for the course?

Once you get the thank you mail, you must go back to the site to check your cart. You will find that CAP-1 is added to your cart. Now click on the view cart and then on the checkout button to proceed to pay. Here, you will fill your details and proceed to pay.

The requirement for this skill set is globally on the rise including India. The skilled professionals could find opportunities in India as well as other global destinations.

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mFilterIt is starting the programme initially with CAP-1 certification only.

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